About Us

CDTNZ is a leading provider of driver training and education in Hamilton. CDTNZ delivers comprehensive driver education programs for driver licensing and provides training and assessment for driver licensing endorsements. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional training and maintain the highest standards of driver education throughout the country.

Run by Mike Simpson (owner) and Tania (administration and sales). We are a small business that offers a great work ethic and thrives for success. Our passion is seeing students succeed with the knowledge and confidence to drive on New Zealand roads safely. Our small classrooms give our students one on one time with the instructor to get a better understanding of each course.

We offer training in truck courses from classes 2-5, Forklift OSH Certificate and F endorsement, Dangerous Goods, Wheels Tracks and Rollers, Mounted Truck Crane, and Vehicle Recovery ‘V’ endorsement.

We are more than happy to come onsite to your yard and use your vehicles for training.

Mike Simpson

I have been the Director and Owner of CDTNZ since 2019, building upon my extensive 14-year career as an Instructor. Additionally, my background encompasses over two decades of diverse experience in handling various types of trucks.

Tania Driessen

I have 4 years of experience as the Office Administrator for CDTNZ, in Sales, Accounts Receivable and Payable etc.

My previous experience is in Sales for 11 years in the food industry. I am currently also a shareholder in the company.

Penelope Miller

I have been an Instructor since 2007 in the transport industry.

In my driving career before being an Instructor, I have driven buses, and coaches.

I also drove fire engines as a volunteer for 20 years.